Friday, April 21, 2017

Card making mania and scraps galore!

Over the weekend I tackled the daunting task of organizing all my scraps of paper, both patterned paper and card stock alike.  I'm not one to throw out scraps, because I might just be able to use a piece on a card.  😏  In the past I've tried to organize scraps by color, but this time around I decided to cut my patterned pieces into usable sizes for A2 cards.  Then I put them in appropriately labeled envelopes.  For card stock, I first took anything larger than a 4x4 or 6 inch in length for size and put them in file folders by color.  Smaller scraps I cut into various lengths and then placed in appropriately labeled envelopes.  We'll see how this works, but for now I like it. 

I was able to use scraps for the Mojo Monday cards I made this week just by going to the appropriate sizes and finding scraps that would work together. 

In the process of organizing and cleaning up my craft space, I came across some envelopes with precut scraps for cards.  I took one of the envelopes and created all these cards.  Now I have a few cards ready to grab when I need them.  😊

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