Thursday, January 27, 2011

Craft Space...

I wasn't sure if I was going to publish a post for this Heart 2 Heart challenge--craft space and organization. After seeing all the gorgeous craft spaces that so many of you get to work in, I have to admit I was drooling.  You can be sure I am taking notes and making a wish list for a "future" craft space if I ever get one...  With that said, I do have to be thankful for the craft space I have in our little ranch home.  My husband and I share an unfinished room in the basement that is jam packed with STUFF.  My side is full of all things used for card making and making scrapbook pages.  His side is a reloading bench that he has still never used...  I tend to spread out onto his flat surface.

A close look at my space and "NO" I didn't clean up before taking a picture because this is how it normally looks when I am trying to get some crafting in.

Below you will find some pictures of my attempts at making the most of my space--using any jars I can to house embellishments such as buttons and ribbon, mismatched shelves that have been given to me or purchase very inexpensively, crates with file folders to hold my 12x12 papers all organized by color (rainbow order), etc.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your creative space with us at H2H! My hubby has a reloader he's never used too! But I never nag him about it because I don't want him to notice the stuff I hoard...

  2. Tammy, your space looks cozy & very functional - everything at your fingertips. There is definitely a "his side" and "her side" to your workroom! (I'd be spreading out onto his workbench, too!) Thanks for joining us at H2H this week :o)

  3. Hi Tammy!
    Kudos to you for taking pictures of your workroom in real life. I too have tons of jars, but they are in a drawer because they are all different. Thank you for sharing your space with us at H2H!